Sunday, March 4, 2007

Missing 'e'

I f_lt so h_adach_ with my laptop.
Th_r_ is som_thing wrong with th_ alphab_t 'e'.

My sup_rior told m_ that, company is arranging a n_w laptop to b_ allocat_ to m_ w_ithin 1 month.

I hav_ wait_d that for so long.
Now, it's th_ mom_nt to announc_ th arriving of th_ n_w on_. Supposingly, I should f__l thankful with th_ arrang_m_nt.
But, I f_lt a littl_ bit of dissapoint_d as I'v_ b__n waiting that for too long.

Wom_n huh! Hard to fulfill wom_n's n__d!

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